About us

Markets arise where solutions are needed.

In recent years and in the course of the digitalization of trade, freight traffic has significantly increased. This has had a considerable impact on the use of infrastructure - especially in a transit country like Germany.

At present, up to 120,000 trucks park at night on German motorways or in their immediate vicinity. At the approximately 625 motorway service stations and car parks, the available overnight accommodations are far from sufficient. Appropriate parking facilities for trucks are rarely available for use outside of the motorway system. Inner-city and village hotels only offer the appropriate parking facilities in exceptional cases and, in Germany as a whole, they only account for about 1% of the required capacity.


New rules induce demand.

The shortage of parking spaces and overnight accommodation is further aggravated by the new guidelines of the European Union's Mobility Package.

The European Court of Justice had already clarified in a ruling in 2017 that drivers may no longer spend their weekly rest period of 45 hours in cramped cabins. Now the EU regulation from July 2020 stipulates throughout Europe that logistics companies must pay for suitable accommodation for their driver’s two-day rest period.


Management mit Expertise.

roatel GmbH was founded in Düsseldorf in 2019. Since then, work on the novel microhotel concept has been in full swing. This means that roatel’s solution, which is specially tailored to motorists, can be launched on the market as soon as the EU mobility package comes into force.

The team of founders can look back on a successful, international activity as serial entrepreneurs as well as angel investors. With their professional background in logistics, the founders are very familiar with the problems specific to the industry. With roatel, a new market segment is to be created - high-quality, but reasonably priced accommodation close to the motorway.

The enormous positive response from the market confirms that roatel is on the right track.


co-financed and funding programme

roatel is co-financed by the NRW.BANK under its seedCap Digital Economy programme.

roatel is eligible for the INVEST funding programme of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.