Sleeping on the highway

In Germany - but also in Europe as a whole - there is a lack of simple but good overnight accommodations on and along the motorways. Presently, about 120,000 truck drivers sleep in their vehicles every day in Germany alone. The new EU mobility package, which comes into force in July 2020, will significantly improve the living conditions of motorists. Among other things, the mobility package provides for logistics companies to pay for suitable accommodation for their employees where they can spend their weekly rest periods.

The EU considers the provision of such adequate accommodation to be an essential element in improving road safety. Both companies and drivers face drastic fines if they fail to comply.

Roatel’s customers include leading logistics companies as well as self-employed sole traders.

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“roatel” – was derived by combining the words “road” and “hotel”.

So, a roatel is quite simply a hotel on the road. Conceptually-speaking, roatel is a microhotel. Each unit is compact, mobile and can be set up in various ways. One roatel unit consists of 4 single rooms. Several roatels can be combined with each other. This allows for a flexible reaction to demand and the ability to customize offers.

roatel is also a smartphone application, the heart of the concept. It allows customers to find, book and pay for a room - in different languages. Guests can check in with the app and the room can be opened with their smartphone. The application will also offer guests the option to choose additional services as well.

In addition to motorists, guests include commuters, business people and private travellers.

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Found quickly, booked easily, slept well!

Location partners

In Germany, there are around 450 service stations on the highway, which are operated by the “Tank & Rast” Group. In addition, there are about 130 car service stations, some of which also belong to the “Tank & Rast” Group or are operated by private companies. Some of them are members of the Association of German Truckstops (Vereinigung deutscher Autohöfe e.V. –VEDA) and/or the Road Traffic Cooperative (Straßenverkehrsgenossenschaft – SVG).

In addition, there are around 14,400 petrol stations that belong either to large groups (e.g. Aral/BP, Shell, Total, Esso, Aviva, Jet), medium-sized brands (e.g. Star/Orlen, Agip, Tamoil/HEM, OMV) or other networks (tankpool24, Höfler, etc.). More than 2,000 petrol stations have joined together in the National Association of Independent Filling Stations (Bundesverband freier Tankstellen – bft).

Very often, drivers park and spend the night at many of these petrol and service stations as well as at industrial parks, off exit roads and logistics sites.

We are looking for partners who will help us to set up the roatel concept at their location to give motorists the legally required rest period, while at the same time solving the current challenge for logistics companies. For this cooperation, roatel will pay the location partner a lease. It’s a win-win-win-win situation.

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